3050050- Gpa First Lady 4S
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The ASTM F1163-15/SEI Certified GPA First Lady 4S Helmet is the same sun-protective First Lady you’ve come to know and love, with GPA’s brand new, state of the art Redline 4S technology. This helmet features a wide brim with airflow channels via three large vents in the front and two more in the back. The foam liner of the helmet is interchangeable, adjustable and machine washable as well as moisture-wicking and antibacterial. Also features a four-point high quality leather chinstrap. The patented technology of this helmet allows for higher levels of shock absorption with four levels of lining as opposed to the traditional two:
1S: The outer shell absorbs the initial shock and buckles under impact if necessary. 2S: A foam layer absorbs the brunt of the kinetic energy from the impact, protecting your skull, neck and spine from traumatic injury.
3S: The main shell, constructed from polyamide and reinforced with fiberglass, provides rigidity for more added protection.
4S: EPS foam liner helps to slow down and lessen the shock under pressure of impact for hard falls.