3040061- Gpa Titium Pro
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Worn by champions and riders at all levels! The GPA Titium Pro incorporates safety, comfort, and style in an ASTM/SEI approved riding helmet:
- New ergonomic shape for the inner shell improves rider comfort and helmet fit
- New rear-band design is smaller and more flexible
- Rear-band features 2 wide lateral vents to keep the back of the neck aerated
- New removable and interchangeable lining composed of separate parts in high-tech, aerated foam
- New front badge design now bearing the GPA signature!
- Double carbon fibre frontal strengthening piece
- Adjustable chin strap with 3-point fastening, integrated into a three pad headband made of polyurethane foam protecting the nape of the neck
- Flexible peak for frontal shock absorption, reducing the occurrence of nose fracture
- Anatomically designed chin strap
- Inside lined with Coolmax antiperspirant material
- Lightweight, refined, and elegant style
- Design based on the most sophisticated techniques resulting in a perfect and well-proportioned shape

GPA helmets are well known in "other high-risk sports such as F1 Racing, rally driving, and motor cycle racing." GPA specialists have subjected their new riding helmet to "full-scale" testing, after "successfully completing extremely advanced technical research" to achieve "maximum shock absorption and eliminate accidental tearing off." Each GPA includes care instructions for the inside and the outside of the helmet.

(cm)----------Helmet Size
53-------------6 1/2
54-------------6 5/8
55-------------6 3/4
56-------------6 7/8
58-------------7 1/8
59-------------7 1/4
60-------------7 3/8
61-------------7 1/2
62-------------7 5/8