Horse Blanket Fitting

How to Measure & Fit Riding Rugs and Quarter Sheets


If you're like us, cold weather won't affect your desire to spend some time in the saddle. Keep your horse (and yourself) warm on those cold weather rides with a traditional quarter sheet or riding rug! Available in many color combinations, including custom, and several fabric styles, such as wool and fleece. You can even personalize it with a monogram! Use this guide to help choose the style that best fits your needs...


Quarter Sheets vs. Riding Rugs... What's the Difference?

The traditional style, which is still referred to as a quarter sheet, is designed to fit under the saddle and is secured by the girth. This style is also called an exercise rug. The second style, which tends to be more popular, is the riding rug. This style is put on after you have tacked up the horse completely, including the girth. The riding rug is placed over the horse's loins & rear end. Designed with a cut out for the saddle, a large section of touch tape at the end of the opening allows you to securely fasten the riding rug over the pommel (front) of the saddle. The beauty of the riding rug is that it can be used in 2 different ways. The saddle flaps can be placed over the rug and can be connected at the withers as described above. This style allows the rider to pull the rug around his/her legs for added warmth. In addition to offering multiple options for use, the riding rug style provides the flexibility to remove it if the horse gets too warm without dismounting or untacking the horse.


Fitting A Riding Rug or Quarter Sheet

Most manufacturers size Quarter Sheets and Riding Rugs by using the measurement from the horse's withers to the tail. Although many use the actual number to size the product, the Rambo Newmarket Riding Rug is sized small through x-large. For your convenience, here is a breakdown of quarter sheet & riding rug sizes based on the horse's blanket or sheet size. Please be aware that this is just a reference to help you estimate the appropriate size for your horse. Depending on the length of your horse's back, you may need to order a slightly different size. If you don't get it right on the first try, no worries! Please refer to our generous return & exchange policy.


Quarter Sheet & Riding Rug Conversion Chart
Horse Blanket Size 68 70 72 74 76 78 80 82 84 86
Riding Rug / Quarter Sheet Size 48 48 51 51 54 54 57 57 60 60/63
    Small Medium Large X-Large