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EquiFit D-Teq Black Ostrich Front Boots

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EquiFit D-Teq Front Boots with Color Binding give your horse ImpacTeq liner protection and personal color style choices! Your favorite open front jump boots are here in Black with Black Ostrich panels and your choice of Red, Navy, Green, or Brown edge binding. Choose the color to match your saddle pad, your barn colors, or whatever looks best on your beautiful horse! EquiFit D-Teq Open Front Boots have a strong, durable Everleather outer shell that resists impact and is anatomically molded for maximum freedom of movement, The inner ImpacTeq liner dissipates shock and energy to protect vulnerable legs. The material firms instantly upon impact to protect the leg then softens again. Your horse gets superior protection and style with the EquiFit D-Teq Color Binding Boots!

  • Choose size then choose the binding color you want. The boots will be Black-Ostrich with the color trim you select.