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EquiFit D-Teq Black Ostrich Hind Boot

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D-Teq Hind Ankle Boots with ImpacTeq Liners are outstanding horse leg protection boots from EquiFit. A fantastic looking boot (we're partial to the Black Ostrich set), the D-Teq Fetlock Boot features EquiFit's contemporary stying, a super-strong contoured protective shell , and three wide elastic straps for an ultra-secure fit without creating any pressure points on your horse's legs.

But that isn't all! EquiFit's D-Teq horse boot also features the EquiFit ImpacTec liner: it's soft enough to conform to your horse's leg for a custom fit, but at the moment of impact, this high-tech open-cell foam instantly converts from flexible to rigid and back again, completely protecting your horse's leg from shock. This unique D-Teq liner is ventilated, antimicrobial, washable, and dries quickly.