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GelCompression Replacement GelPaks

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Ensure you always have a GelPak ready when your horse needs it. 

  • Use Hot or Cold
    GelPaks adhere to outer shell of the boot & stay pliable even out of the freezer

  • Retain Intense Heat or Cold
  • Easy to Use
    Place in freezer until cold or in hot water for 20 minutes, apply to leg with easy on/off hook & loop closures
  • One Size
    Sold as a pair

Cold Therapy Application Procedure

  1. Place GelPaks in freezer for six hours before initial use. After use return to freezer immediately.
  2. Lay the GelPak flat & evenly disperse gel before placing on leg.
  3. Use elastic wrap to secure on the leg & provide desired amount of compression.

Hot Therapy Application Procedure

  1. Place the GelPak in hot water, temperature 71C / 160F & maintain at this temperature for 20 minutes.
  2. Repeat Steps 2-3 from Cold Therapy Instructions.