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Beval Saddlery

Calm Coat PreClip

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Calm Coat PreClip for horses and dogs helps facilitate a better clipping result when using electric clippers. Calm Coat PreClip makes the process smoother with fewer touch-ups required. It also helps the clipper blades run cooler and allow greater comfort for your horse or dog. This grooming spray is a gardenia-scented blend of hypoallergenic moisturizers and rich emollients. For best results, bathe the animal and rinse completely. Bathing is not required, but the extra step is worth it. The clip will look better and your clippers won't get clogged with dirt, dander, and oil. Spray PreClip directly on the coat and lightly rub in. When the area is dry, clip the coat. If your horse or pet is sensitive about sprays on his face, the product can be wiped on. Calm Coat PreClip should not be sprayed directly on clippers or blades. Made in the USA.

16 oz trigger spray bottle