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Beval Saddlery

Silipos Gel Tubing Ankle Sleeve

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  • Applications: this limb protector can be used for the safety of fingers, toes, arms, legs and ankles to reduce pressure and friction.
  • Skin Safe: this ankle compression sleeve causes no irritation or pinching even when used for prolonged hours.
  • Athletic Compression Sleeve: this ankle sleeve is ideal for figure skaters, speed skaters, roller skaters, hockey players, in-line skaters, and backpackers. It helps reduce friction, ankle bone bruising or blisters on Achilles.
  • User Friendly: gel sleeve can be suitably trimmed in the required size. This ankle protector can also be easily reused.
  • Medical Properties: soft, latex-free and hypoallergenic ankle protector is layered with medical-grade mineral oil gel for comprehensive digital protection.