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Beval Saddlery

STAYONS Poultice Hoof Wraps

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Simple, clean wraps employ an innovative fiber paper technology to sandwich and hold dry poultice ingredients in a series of quilted pockets, permitting an excellent method of delivery. Clean, economical, rapid application and removal with no mess left to clean up. Dual action provides cold therapy when soaked in ice water, plus continued poultice benefits...all in one application. Ideal for general soreness caused by inflammation, reducing heat, bruised soles and following heavy work or surgery. Provides a dynamic blend of bentonite and kaolin clays to retain moisture, epsom salt to draw well, and a malleable gel base to hold poultice blend in close contact.

Directions: Soak in water 15-20 seconds, place hoof in hoof-shaped section across bottom of foot, wrap remaining section across top of hoof, cover with cohesive wrap and tape or use Poultice Boot for improved durability and protection. Wraps hold up to 3 times their weight in water and remain wet about 18 hours. Cleanup is easy - simply remove the wrap and discard in your compost pile or with regular garbage. Easy on hands, clothes and even on barn drains.